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NEXT MTPC Conference Call Meeting:
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second Monday of each month
at Lincoln Admin Building

first and third Mondays of each month
at Central Montana Community Center


If you believe that the sudden and severe growth of government and government spending threatens our economic security and that of future generations, you have found like-minded friends! This website will be one of your main points of contact with the Tea Party – a place to share information, ideas, and resources.

Please see our mission statement and philosophy to learn who we are and what we are about.

We invite you to join us Whether you attend our events, help us teach others about the issues and candidates, provide financial support, or just cheer us on, you are one of us.

Forget the "Lamestream Media"
- Check out these Conservative Montana Blogs - this is where you will learn what's going on and why it is important to you - the conservative majority of Montana USA. 

       Rockin' On the Right Side -  National and Montana blogger - fun and common sense with the volume on 9
       Flint Report - Blog posts from the moderator of Voices of Montana, Aaron Flint

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graphic image of a checklistTO DO LIST:

• Do some self-searching to determine what is most important to you.  Are your values being represented in government?

• Learn as much about local, state, and national issues as possible.  Read the Constitution.  Study economics and how the free market system works in a democratic republic. Determine what is right and what is wrong with our government at every level, and prioritize the problems that must be addressed.  Learn first - talk second.  If you are not well-informed, you won't be taken seriously. 

• Educate your children, your family, your neighbors and friends about important issues.  Politely but firmly take a stand whenever you see or hear about a bad decision by our government leaders.

• Get involved.  Make your clearly thought-out positions known to those who can implement changes.  Participate in school and government affairs.  Contact your representatives.  Attend meetings.

• Walk the talk.  Be ready to put your money where your mouth is, but only when you are sure it will be used to advance your cause and values.

• Support and vote for public officials who "get it" and who will not be corrupted once in office. And help get rid of those who don't "get it".

contact us by e-mail at: info@lewistownteaparty.com 

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